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Samsung is the world’s number 1 manufacturer of consumer electronics and appliances. We pride ourselves on our quality, high end products and unrivaled value for money.
Our retail stores offer a unique blend of first-to-market products, technology exhibits, interactive demonstrations and experiences as well as a fully operational, while-you-wait repair centre, where all types of mobile phones and tablets can be repaired or upgraded within an hour or less. 
We also offer free training and setup of all digital devices to ensure that our customers get the most out of all our wonderful products. 
Our Sambassadors are always in store and offer the unique opportunity to assist in any product inquiry for the sole purpose of assisting our customers to understand and best enjoy all of our technology.
Visit our store today for a fantastic experience in how technology can enrich and improve your life!

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Audio/Electronic, PC, Cellphone & Photo
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506d, Upper level
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