Mzansi Biltong

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Fresh Beef Biltong, Beef droëwors, Beef snap sticks, Pre-packed 100g gas filled packs of biltong, droëwors/snapsticks, Beef snap sticks in various flavours ( original , BBQ , Chilli , Fruit & Chutney), Game biltong and droëwors via Namibia ( Kudu , Gemsbok and Springbok ), Ostrich biltong and droëwors, Chilli chicken strips, Cabanossi, Nuts, fruits, peanuts, Jams and honey, Sauces and salad dressings, Cool drinks, Gift packs and boxes made to order for all occasions, Biltong cutters / gifts, Corporate deliveries of gift boxes and gift baskets, New line items : 100g gas filled pre-packed biltong /droëwors packs, Corporate platters made to order and free deliveries.

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Shop Number
UL 555
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Please contact the store directly for their trading hours.
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Hess van Zyl
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